Projects assisted by EU

Name of beneficiary: CE Glass 1989 Ltd. Liability Company

Title of project: Expansion of CE Glass 1989 Ltd.’s capacity of production

Identification number of the project: GINOP-1.2.1-15-2015-00793

Amount of contracted support: 499 999 998 Ft

Rate of support: 48,40 %

Deadline of the project: 15th, December, 2017

Introduction of the content of the project
CE Glass 1989 Ltd. Liability Company has its production capacity expanded within this project by developing its technological plant. The company puts extraordinary emphasis on continuous development since it has been established, which is, according to its business policy, the key factor of keeping customer base and getting new orders from customers.

The activity of the company could be characterised by continually expanding product range together with the output of products’ expanding and the palette of the products which has better and better product parameters.
In the framework of this investment, with the CE Glass 1989 Ltd.’s current net amount of 1 033 110 636 HUF, technological tools have been bought, which contribute to the business aims of the firm in a complex way.

The main factor of the investment is a new thermal insulating glass-producing production line, which provides an opportunity for the company to produce portal size thermal insulating glasses, which for the market of the clients have significant demand.

To provide the material of the growing thermal insulating glass-production’s capacity, it was needed to develop tailoring, that is why a complex cutting line, a glass-cutting machine suitable for cutting split glasses, an industrial robot, a remnant-glass-handling system and a mobile methodizing station have been purchased.
For previous processing of those items which are produced on the production line of thermal insulating glass-producing machine, a frame-crooking machine has been purchased together with other stations which are specialised for primary sealing and desiccant.

In the frame of infrastructual investment for the operating of means of production, a transformer and a comprassor have been also purchased, moreover the development of the informatical hardware and software has been materialized.

The enlargement of the handling’s capacity is also the part of the project, that is why a crane system has been also purchased together with service elements and forklift trucks.




Beneficiary: CE GLASS Zrt.

Project name: Production capacity expansion at CE GLASS Zrt
Reference number of project: GINOP-1.2.1-15-2015-00406
Net worth of contractual fund: 500 000 000 HUF
Percentage of funding: 47,15%
Deadline of project: 2017.03.16.

Description of project:

CE GLASS Zrt is expanding its production capacity with the help of the present EU tender funding project, by upgrading its range of technological machinery, and, additionally, by expanding its production area for the installation of new machinery. The company puts special emphasis since its foundation on continuous growth and innovation, which is reflected in the gradually growing number of products manufactured, revenues, and commerce.
Besides the increase in manufactured product, the company is also characterized by a continuous widening of its product range and the improvement of product parameters.
In the framework of the present project of EUR 1 060 430 784 net worth, CE Glass Zrt purchases technological assets that contribute to the company's business goals in a complex way.

Within the project, a new insulating glass production line will be procured, which will expand by 50% the company's current insulating glass production capacities. Bystronic Lenhardt GmbH, which is a highly acclaimed manufacturer of high-quality glass manufacturing units, will be delivering the insulating glass production line, whose special design will facilitate the automatic assembly of large scale (2700x500 mm) insulating glass units, which allows the company to serve customers in new markets.

In addition to the insulating glass production line, another important purchase of this project is the HVLAPVB type laminating line consisting of a laminating furnace and an automatic assembly line. In the glass industry, Hornos Industriales Pujol S.A. has an excellent reputation as well, and with help of this new furnace CE GLASS Zrt will be able to produce laminated glasses with PVB foil, a product for which the façade glass industry is showing significant demand. CE Glass Zrt currently possesses  glass laminating technology, but it is only suitable for lamination with EVA foil. However, the product parameters of laminated glasses produced with EVA foils are different from those of PVB laminated glass sheets, which means that the company can fulfill orders from new customers of the glass market.





Project reference number: GINOP-1.2.2-15-2015-00957

Deadline (planned): 2016.09.23.

Rate of financial support: 47,5%

Project introduction:

CE GLASS Zrt expanded its production capacity within this project, by developing its range of machinery. Since its founding, the company has put special emphasis on continuous development, which is reflected in its permanently and gradually increasing production, profit and sales rate.

Beside the increase of its production, the company is characterized by the continuously widening range of products, with improving quality and products parameters.

Within the boundaries of the present, 105 265 812 HUF value EU tender, CE GLASS Zrt purchases technological devices , which will support the company’s business goals in a complex manner. The 2 visuals scanners, 2 mini double edgers and 4 horizontal washers to be purchased will, on the one hand, provide a significant increase in production capacity for the company, while on the other hand they will also help to ensure that this increase in production capacity does not result in loss of quality. With the help of these new production devices the continuously high product quality can be maintained, which is necessary both for keeping our present customers and to serve potential new ones.

Additionally, owing to the unique size range of the new double edging machinery, the company will be able to offer products to a new group of customers within the household glass appliance industry, whom the company could not serve before due to lack of capacity.

The implementation of the described investment, which increases capacity, but also guarantees a higher quality production, is essential for the continued development of the company, and to ensure that old customers’ needs can be satisfied and new customers can be served.